For my Masters Project I was part of a five-headed team of students. Together we created the short movie JOHNNY UNSADDLED (AT 2015). Main character of this Western satire about courage, skill, fate, mild schizophrenia and lots of whisky is Johnny, a mining horse that decided to take its fate into its own hooves and finds shelter and friends in the pre-marxist socialistic town of New Harmony. When his old owner Scott MacKenzie knocks on the gates claiming his property, Johnny knows, it’s time to fight back.

His eerie pre-story is told in a stop-motion animation, I made with dried earth, paper, dried plants and drawings:

To build the light-table I used a window-frame with a movable milk-glass panel taped onto it, so I could work on two layers to gain depth. My light-source was a bin with a dimmable lightbulb. I covered the bins inside in aluminium foil, so the light could spread evenly.

JOHNNY UNSADDLED premiered in June 2015 in Hallein, Austria. In 2016 it was awarded BEST FILM and BEST ANIMATION at the EQUINALE FILM FESTIVAL