Johnny Unsaddled

An excitingly new, surprisingly short Western

Design, Illustration, Animation, Assistant Director.
Team: Concept, Script

They said he couldn’t do it. maybe they were right.

Affected by a cruel life as a mining horse, full of oppression and endless work, Johnny, protagonist of this Western short, decides right in time to escape his destiny of becoming a horsemeat loaf.
He finds shelter in the city of New Harmony – a utopia of a classless society – where he is given the chance to start his new life as a barkeeper. Scott “Single Bullet ” McKenzie, owner of the old mine, is not as excited about Johnnys plans. He and his surprisingly sophisticated sidekick Butch “The Butcher” Butchinson are awaiting their well-deserved revenge for the slave, who wrongfully fled his position, at the gates of New Harmony.

FH Salzburg | Masterproject MultiMediaArt | 2015